Understanding the big picture… and the big risks


As an architect, your job is more than conceptualizing and designing — it’s taking on the role of captain for each project. And in doing so, you bear the risk of vicarious liability downstream for anyone you hire or recommend.
There are also some instances where consultants can sue you or the owner directly. So it’s critical to understand the risks of management.
Aesthetics is in your nature, but putting together the best insurance plan probably isn’t. At Marquis Premier Professional, we can help you keep your clients happy without the burden on your safety or your business. For example, we’ll review your contracts for insurability and to protect your interests.
Interior designers and landscape architects
Similar to architects, on-the-job safety and liability hazards are always present for interior design and landscape architect professionals. As a specialist, you’re hired to supplement the architectural business, providing expertise in your unique skill set. Risk management may not top your list of concerns, and with the right coverage it doesn’t have to.

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